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Freya's Meadow, Latton Street, Harlow, Essex, CM20 3SD.

1.5 Acres of totally secure safe space for you and your four legged friends to enjoy.
 All fences are a minimum of 5ft 1 high, including gates. Our fences are secure to the ground and we have a double air lock gate to ensure escape artists can’t slip out when entering or exiting. 
We have cattle in the adjacent field May-October. 

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When you arrive at Freya's Meadow we have a small parking area at the entrance for those who have arrived by car. A code for access into the field through our air lock gates will be emailed to you before your booking. Relax and enjoy your walk in our totally secure field.

  1. Book your visit 

  2. You will be emailed a confirmation email as soon as we have received your booking  

  3. 24 Hours before your booking you will receive an email with your gate code. 

  4. 1 hour before booking you will receive a reminder of your booking and gate code  

  5. Make sure you are familiar with where we are and how to get here. Satnavs and google maps can take you past us. There is info on our page below and also a video on our Facebook of how to find us 

  6. Step 6. Grab your lead and get ZOOOMING in the fresh air 

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How to find us

SATNAVs can take you past us. As you turn into Latton Street from Second Avenue we are the second gate on your left 

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A safe space to walk your dog

Hire includes 50 minutes exclusive access including two dogs, with 10 minutes at the end for you to wrap it up and get your dogs safely away before the next visitor arrives. Hire for this time is £10 and any additional dogs up to six are £2 each.

A code to enter the field will be emailed to you  24 hours before your booking.

Availability can be seen through our booking calendar on the bookings page. 

Bookings are non-refundable in the event you cannot make your booked time slot. 

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Two cars per booking

Users must park inside the gates for Freya's Meadow. We are located on a working farm road so it is really important that no users leave their car along the road or further up. We ask all visitors to park considerately to allow the bookings before and after you to manoeuvre their car. Please do not back out of our car park onto the road we have allowed enough space for parking as long as no visitors bring more than two cars with them. parking area is used at visitors own risk.


Please arrive and leave on time

We want to create a community among our Freya's Meadow users where we all work together to maintain a safe and peaceful place to exercise all types of dogs! Please ensure if you arrive early you stay inside your car until the user before has their dogs safely away- you may not be able to see them if they are on the other side so please do not go in early. Remember lots of people use us because their dogs are reactive and this is a safe place for them. When you leave please begin to wrap up your walk after 50 minutes and make sure your dogs are away before the next user is due to start.


woof woof

Each booking is for two dogs. After two each dog is £2 extra which you can select when you book. If you are a commercial dog walker please contact us directly before making your booking. Regular checks are done throughout the day so please ensure your slot is for the correct number of dogs.


Bag it up!

Please bag up ALL poop that your doggies deposit whilst at Freya's Meadow to help us keep it clean. There is a poo bin inside the field - please use it! We do do (pardon the pun) regular inspections of the field to check for any under cover poops but please help us by keeping an extra eye out. 

Please take any other rubbish home with you help us keep our field clean and rubbish free, please don't put anything but poop into the poo bin. 


Close the door on your way out!

Please lock and securely close the gate at the end of your session. The main gate from the farm road can be left open. If you are the first user of the day you may need to open the main gate at the start of your visit.


We love to see your pooches

We are serious dog lovers and so we really enjoy seeing your four legged friends enjoying Freya's Meadow. Please send us your snaps on Facebook or our Instagram (link at the bottom of the page!)


Noise levels to be kept to a minimum.

Please help us protect our surrounding environment by keeping noise to a minimum.


Do we need to explain this one?

Cigarette butts and tobacco products are harmful and can be deadly if ingested by dogs.


Bookings are non-refundable in the event you cannot attend

Payment is taken when you make the booking.

We retain the right to change or cancel bookings. We would only ever do this in the event of an emergency and we would contact you as soon as possible. 


We do not have running water on site

So please ensure you bring some for your dog if you feel they will need it during the duration of your walk.


All dogs must be accompanied by a responsible adult

A dog makes a family and we love to see people of all ages enjoying the company of dogs! Please ensure if bringing children with you they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible at all times for both furry and human children.


You and your dog(s) use Freya's Meadow at your own risk.  We accept no responsibility for loss, damage, theft or accidents. We are the great outdoors so remember the ground may be uneven in places so take extra care, if you spot any holes please let us know! Over the winter we may be muddy so get your wellies out!



Please ensure any dog attending is up to date with their vaccinations

If your dog is unwell or suffering from any contagious illness please do not bring them to Freya's meadow. Please ensure all dogs are flea treated and wormed regularly.


We have created this space to be able to share it with our community of fellow dog lovers! Enjoy it, look after it, and get zooooooming!



Farm life 365 Days a Year

We proudly neighbour a working farm. The farm keeps cattle in a field adjacent to ours from May-October, the cattle have a choice of three fields to choose from and sometimes graze in view of ours. Please be aware when booking, the fields are not accessible to one another and we have two fences in between. 

The farm does also use Latton Street entrance lane for loading large vehicles very occasionally, if you have problems with access  please give us a call on the number on your booking email or pop us an email. 

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Please note all bookings will be taken through the website. We try to keep up with emails but our paws are a bit slow at typing so it may be helpful to read our more info section above to see if you can find your answer there!

Freya's Meadow,
Latton Street,
CM20 3SD

Thanks for submitting!

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